For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be a writer. Before I could write myself, I copied my father’s handwriting. It fascinated me that those mysterious loops and slanting letters conveyed a message to anyone who could decipher them. I guess illustrators must feel the same: with just a piece of blank paper and a pen the possibilities are endless! As soon as I had learnt to write myself, I carried a folder with my first stories with me. 

I grew up in Fryslân and studied at the University of Groningen, both in the North of the Netherlands. After completing my PhD thesis (a biographical study of an author who wrote in both Frisian and Dutch), I started working as a freelance writer, editor and project manager; first in the Netherlands, then in the UK and now in Denmark. 

Over the past ten years I have written texts in English, Dutch and Frisian. Continuous threads running through my work are cultural history, and science communication. I also sometimes edit or review other people’s (academic or non-academic) work and regularly act as a secretary/project coordinator for panels of experts that assess the quality of university programmes. Finally, I act as an external advisor/coordinator for such assessment visits.

On this site you can find some examples of my work. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

info[at]jokecorporaal.nl - 0045 (0) 2830 7101